Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Hobbies...

I have other websites and blogs devoted to my hobbies and I'll refer to them along the way. My woodworking hobby, combined with Colonial Living History connections, has turned into a part-time business. I make wooden Appalachian Flutes. I have sold over 100 of my flutes, using eBay and Colonial Fairs to provide the best exposure. The joy comes from making the beautiful sound the flutes produce. The satisfaction comes from the happy customers. And yes, these are wonderful gifts as well. My eBay ID is Appflutes, and website is Appalachian Flutes & Dulcimers. I also enjoy making the supplies, clothing, and accoutrements needed to sustain my Colonial Militia persona. Take a look at some of my handmade Woodcrafts. While I am proud of the quality and looks, I credit my wonderful wife for getting me started and teaching me patience.

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